Monthly Archives: February 2014

Day 52: 365 Grateful, services

I am grateful for the services we have in our area, though I hope to never have to use them. 10+ fire truck showed up diagonally across the street this morning at 6:15am. Not sure why…but they did. The fire station is about 1 mile away, on our street!



Day 51: 365 Grateful, comfort zone

Still grateful for Playmakers! Got to play tonight and challenge myself a bit. Took on a blindfold role for a relay, to build a snowman. At the end, my face hurt so much from smiling…I think mostly from being uncomfortable and pushing my comfort zone!


Day 50: 365 Grateful, longtime friends

Had a good long conversation with a friend I have had for about 30 years! We grew up together, were in many of the same classes growing up and have lived in different areas since. Though we don’t talk as frequently as we would like, we fall right into conversation when we are able to catch up. I love that! Thanks Ruth!


Day 49: 365 Grateful, 4 wheel drive

I am grateful to have access to 4 wheel drive. Snowy days like today (another 12″+) I am glad to have the availability of Mike’s truck. It took my 30 minute drive 1:15…with getting through accident traffic, patience and enjoying NPR along the way…just inching along. On the other side my Civic can barely do the 2 miles from downtown…and definitely can’t get up the driveway. Maybe invest in snow tires? Or Mike could maybe walk ski or sled to work!