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Day 81: 365 Grateful, safe

I am grateful to have been safe while driving.

Sometime I need to remind myself while in traffic to be patient especially when there has been an accident. Being safe and getting help to people who need it is much more important than me reaching my destination 30 minutes later.



Day 49: 365 Grateful, 4 wheel drive

I am grateful to have access to 4 wheel drive. Snowy days like today (another 12″+) I am glad to have the availability of Mike’s truck. It took my 30 minute drive 1:15…with getting through accident traffic, patience and enjoying NPR along the way…just inching along. On the other side my Civic can barely do the 2 miles from downtown…and definitely can’t get up the driveway. Maybe invest in snow tires? Or Mike could maybe walk ski or sled to work!