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Day 246: 365 Grateful, community

Had a great Saturday (yesterday). Went down to Boston for the Life is good Playmakers Powerplay workshop. Got to see some old friend and meet some new ones! Then drove up to Concord, NH to celebrate Red River Theatres 7th birthday with a benefit trivia! Both great organizations that build community!

Day 152: 365 Grateful, breathe and be present

Tonight the Life is Good Playmakers community booster guided me in practicing mindfulness.

My wonderful, lovely new takeaway moment was about breath.

Memories of the past swirl around in my brain as well as preparing for the near and distant future.

I was reminded (but never thought of it this way) that the one thing that can ground me to the present is my breath. It is happening NOW…this moment…always…in and out…as it has been, as it is, and always will be. Ahhhh