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Day 261: 365 grateful, back on track

My Chiropractor was out for about 6 weeks due to an illness/injury.

Today was my first appointment back after the six weeks. Before I was going 2-4 times a month due to my leg length and poor neck curve.

After my adjustment something that has been lingering in my hip felt so much better today…huzzah! Hope it continues!


Day 220: 365 Grateful, healthcare

For the past month and a half, I’ve been having hip pain. It came up before our culminating ultimate tournament in early August. I’ve been going to PT for the last three weeks… went to the chiropractor today and got a new lift in my shoes and new orthotics too! My hip is already feeling better. Healthcare is strange and disconnected…too bad for insurance companies. Grateful for affordable cost to me!!!


Day 43: 365 Grateful, running

I am grateful for running. I can do it anywhere…and it’s free!

I have wanted to enjoy running (for a really long time). This past spring was the first season I was able to run without pain. I have always had left foot/arch pain when I run more then 1/2 mile straight. I am not sure what has helped…religiously going to my chiropractor, orthotics, easing myself into distances, shoes? Not really sure.

Went for a 2 mile run today since before our snow and cold snap. A bit of a sore arch but manageable!