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River Song Costume

With my little experience sewing and or modifying costumes and a few resources from local stores such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, Target, Burlington Coat Factory and JoAnn Fabrics here is my attempt at a River Song Costume from Doctor Who “Day of the Moon” (Season 6, Episode 2).

Hello Sweetie!

River Song, Day of the Moon

The color is a bit off…I added the zipper (a bit long), shortened original dress and put in the  cinching on the sides.  For the (lack of) experience and resources I had without spending lots of money, I am pretty happy with it!

I would have loved to find a holster that was made out of something other than cardboard and duct tape!!

Becca as River Song

River Song's Diary




Today is the day of the unveiling of my halloween costume at Bill and Kate’s Halloween Bash.  I still have a few finishing touches to pull together this afternoon…it has been a lot of fun but quite a struggle to find the different pieces that I need without ordering exact replicas from over seas.  Overall I think it will come out ok!


Snow prediction 10.29.11

With that we are predicted to get 5-10+ inches of SNOW!  In October!  We are planning on staying over for an extended experience due to the weather!  Looking forward to it!

Me? Blogging?

Have – you – met – Mike?  Well, as most of you know Mike is an avid blogger, tweeter, and follower of many things.  He has suggested that I take our old wedding website and create a blog of my own.  I have thought about this over the past few months and wasn’t sure how much I had to share and if I really wanted to spend more time on the computer then I already do.

With that, I would love to start recording some fun things I am doing and projects/endeavors I am working on.  So why not start blogging?  I don’t imagine that I will be a frequent participant in sharing here…but I guess it is hard to tell at this moment.  Lets see what happens!

And – Go.