Monthly Archives: March 2008

She works hard for the money…

Within all of the craziness of moving, and the excitement of getting engaged, I just thought that wasn’t enough. At the end of January I accepted a new job in Recreation Therapy at New Hampshire Hospital. My last day at Crotched Mountain was last Thursday (March 6th) and started orientation last Friday (March 7th)…talk about transition!! I was sad to leave CM, as there are great staff and clients who I have had great times with. I was very sad to go.

In my transition to NHH, I am excited for new opportunities professionally both in the realm of Therapeutic Recreation and working with children in a psychiatric/mental health setting. It will definitely challenge my professional and personal boundaries, but I feel like I will be working with a great team of therapists to help me jump right in!!

Orientation has been, well, orientation. Lots of theory, still feeling like there is so much unknown about what experiences lie ahead. Overall, it has been very good. The facilitators seem very knowledgeable in their respective areas and try to keep the sessions interactive. Through the rest of this week the schedule is filled with orientation stuff, but by next week it looks like it will be thinning out so I can start getting my feet wet in my building (the kid’s unit is totally separate from the main hospital).

I am excited, nervous, happy for a shorter commute, and at this point exhausted. But, its all good. I am happy to have new learning opportunities!!!