Monthly Archives: April 2014

Day 114: 365 Grateful, smartie phone

I am grateful for having a smart phone. On my drive home I reflected on the number of personal phone calls, emails and texts I was able to respond to in such a short period of time. I am very thankful for this ability but in many ways miss simpler times of childhood/the early 90’s.


Day 113: 365 Grateful, frisbee trial

Since I have been having knee pain I haven’t been going to ultimate frisbee practice. Go Granite State Grass Stains! Go, go, yay!

Today I gave it a go. Running straight forward…fine. Cutting, starting and stopping are questionable. It was nice to see everyone! Didn’t enjoy the cloudy, windy 45 degree weather though!

Day 106: 365 grateful, Boston

Today I picked up my friend Jaime at Back Bay Station, on Marathon Monday…but not until 7pm…thank goodness.

It was a test of feeling prepared but also the ability to let go of things out of my control. Mike came with for extra support and navigation.

Getting into the city was fine…and the police began removing loser road barricades as we were pulling up to back bay station!

The frustration I did have was there wasn’t a place to pull over to have Jaime jump in the car! It took me over 15 minutes just to circle the block due to pedestrians and traffic.

Then off to Cambridge Brewing Company for good food/beer and great company.