Monthly Archives: August 2009

Bridal Shower Tea Party and Batchelorette in Newport, RI

This weekend I had a wonderful time celebrating with many of the wonderful women who are in my life.  Ruth and Sara (2 of my amazing bridesmaids) coordinated the bridal shower tea party at the Ashford Town Hall.  The food was amazing, the cake was delicious, and the company…well what can I say, I love them all!  Folks traveled from NH, ME, MA and CT.  Thank-you all for coming, I really appreciate you!!  (Group picture to come…from Christine)

In the afternoon we traveled to Newport, RI for Batchelorette festivities.  We went to an italian restaurant (Sara, I can’t remember the name of it…ugg).  Christine and Erin even convinced the wait staff to create a Batchelorette song for me (which they will now use for other parities!).

We we walked around Newport, Mission Impossible style trying to stay dry ducking under awnings due to some random down pours thanks to Hurricane Bill.

On Sunday we went out to Easton Beach to see the waves from the storm in the Atlantic.  Initially we were not able to swim due to red flag warnings of large waves and strong riptides.  Around 1:00 pm they opened part of the beach so we were able to enjoy the waves and weather!


A Quick Favor to Ask

If in the off chance you read this before sending your reply cards, Becca and I have been receiving them from folk and are definitely getting more excited over it. However, in a couple cases, people are sending them back without writing who they are. It has only been people who will not be able to make it, but unfortunately we don’t have any other way to track it.

So, the favor is that we ask that if you could write your name in the card whether you are attending or not, it would be great for us.


Invitations are out, Replies are coming in

Late last week Becca and I sent out most of the invitations to our wedding, and the reply cards are starting to come back in.  First thing you may have noted upon recieving yours is that they are not quite the typical traditional wedding invitation.  What you may not have noted is that the one that you recieved is the only one of its kind, with only its reply card (included) to match it.

We’re getting closer to the date, and with the cards coming back to us, its very exciting and we are starting to finalize things officially (which is a strange sentence to say).  Come back soon for more updates.