Monthly Archives: April 2009

More ways to track us.

Here it is, just over 5 months to the big day and we are still planning away. We are plugging away at getting the important things taken care of, including having a date, a location, a person to marry us, and a photographer (more on that one later).  We are still working on getting a registry put together, as well as floral “arrangements” and alcohol (which is surprisingly proving to be one of the hardest bits of it all even though we know exactly what we want for this one).  Lodging for the event is to be had in part at the Woods (contact us if you are interested – seriously, if you don’t then you will not be able to stay there) as well as several hotels in the area, varying in distance from BW.  Stay tuned as we do really intend on keeping this space up to date on it.

In more recent days, as in sometime last week, we created a Facebook group for folks to interact with since many people we know who in turn we intend to invite are also on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook, and/or are now interested in joining after reading this amazingly in-depth posting, you can join our wedding group at (maybe…it may be a secret group so the direct link may or may not work for you if you were not invited originally.  if thats the case, please let us know).

Thats what we got right now.  In other news, after 6 months of unemployment, I have a new job at the Concord Family YMCA as the After School and Camping Programs Director, which is a good thing, cause we have a wedding to pay for!