Monthly Archives: December 2014

Day 310: 365 Grateful, perspective on loss

As I was grieving over the loss of my mom soon to come 6 years on 1/2 last night…I came to find out my coworker’s husband lost his dad suddenly to a stroke yesterday.

Though I grieve and it is painful, I don’t wish the sudden loss of a loved one on anyone. The deep pain that comes from your soul is unlike any other. And, it sucks, it fucking sucks…and there is nothing to be done to make it better.


Day 309: 365 Grateful, grief

I’m already dreading Friday…6 years to the day and the first same day of the week my mom died by suicide.

I may always ask why, but I have come to know she was in pain from arthritis and depression. Her brother and mom both died by suicide I imagine by more complicated mental health conditions. I don’t blame her…but I miss her so much. I am glad she isn’t in pain.

I’m grateful she was my mother and I am often reminded about what a great legacy she left.



Day 305: 365 Grateful, Christmas Eve

Grateful to have coworkers cover to allow me to leave early to travel. Made it down in time to have dinner with family and neighbors, Christmas Eve service at the Church I grew up in (still recognized by some folks) and over to my brother’s for the night to prepare for Christmas shenanigans tomorrow!