Monthly Archives: February 2009

A year and a day

Hi all…its pretty amazing to think that Mike and I have been engaged for a year and a day!  Wild.  We are really getting rolling with plans, this is really for real!  We are visiting Indiana for 4 days from February 14-17.  We look forward to meeting up with friends (recruiting some help), talking to some local vendors and discussing arrangements with Bradford Woods.

It’s been a while since either of us has written.  We have been quite busy with some good times and some devastating times as well.  I was really hoping that 2009 would be full of all good times.

As you may or may not know, my mom suddenly passed away on January 2nd.  It has been very surreal for me personally, I find myself on a roller coaster  of emotions at times.  It was wonderful to have such an outpouring of support from friends and family all over the country.  But, I think the toughest times are yet to come for our family.  My dad, brother and I are each coping in our own ways.  And as we keep saying we will take it day by day, week by week, month by month…

Please be on the look out for more information regarding our wedding!  If you have specific questions, feel free to e-mail or call us directly.  We are very excited to have as many of our friends and family attend our wedding as possible!  We would love to have you stay at Bradford Woods…let us know if you are interested and we can tell you more about the options.  We would also like to get a count of folks who would like to stay on property as we will have to book it way in advance.

Thanks again for all of your support!

Love, becca