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Day 120: 365 Grateful, birthdaying

Today we celebrated Bryan’s 40th birthday (with a 34 minute party for me).

It was a good time: brisket, pulled pork and lamb (thanks Matt!) with tons of sides, hanging outside catching up while wearing mustaches, ate cupcakes, apple crisp and homemade ice cream, Bruins win, fireworks in the back yard and board games!



Day 41: 365 Grateful, games as treatment

I am grateful to have been able to learn many wonderful board games and implement them at work as part of treatment groups. I have had some 9-10 year old boys that have been really enjoying learning and playing these games. It had been great to see them take in the rules, put it into practice, develop a strategy…and want to play again and again!

20140210-220555.jpg Survive, Escape From Atlantis & Forbidden Island