Monthly Archives: January 2014

Day 30: 365 Grateful, I love my job

I am grateful to be able to have fun at my job. Not only am I able to play with kids and adolescents as part of their inpatient psychiatric treatment, but can make meetings playful!!

We broke out our finger puppets today in our interdisciplinary team meeting (psychiatrist, social workers, nurses, recreational therapist and activity therapist) to bring a little fun and show gratitude to a past Psychiatrist who bestowed the puppets on us (we choose our animal based on our mood!)


Day 29: 365 Grateful, heat

I am grateful to have access to heat when I need it. Sometime today our forced hot water system stopped working in our main zone.

20140129-221607.jpgWe turn it down in the early morning and at night. And, turn it up a bit in the waking hours. This am it decided to stop working at 6 am. Grateful to have 2 other zones and a wood stove! Guy coming out tomorrow to look at it.

Day 22: 365 Grateful, Life is Good Playmakers

I am grateful for happening upon the Life is Good Playmakers. I began my Playmaker journey in December 2012 by stumbling across their website when looking for CEU opportunities. I am so thankful I did!

It is a continuous opportunity to practice my playfulness both at work and in my leisure. Becoming a Playmaker fits so well with who I am, what I believe, what I practice and who I want to be!

I am grateful to the New Hampshire group for their ongoing commitment to hold local, monthly boosters to gather and PLAY! I had blast tonight.