Monthly Archives: January 2015

Day 339: 365 Grateful, inside day

Got up early to go to the grocery store (before the super bowl rush). Then had a chance to throw French Dip in the crockpot, clean up & organize a bit, play video games and catch up on tv. Good way to spend the day of single digits and 30 mph winds!



Day 336: 365 Grateful, friends sweet friends

Over the past two and a half days New England got some snow. Though not as bad as predicted…but 20+ inches at our house without drifts.

Since I am essential personnel at the hospital I made a conscious effort to be at work…but be safe doing it.

I am grateful to have wonderful friends: Matt & Alexa who let me stay with them and also fed me (much yumminess). I am grateful to have been safe in my travels and the short commute over the past couple days.

Day 333: 365 Grateful, connection

Seems as though I made some nice connections with kids…some discharged and some still with us in the hospital.

I got a nice letter from a 16 yo girl who was discharged today. She had thanked me for my kindness and work with her. Early in her admission she said I should dye my hair purple since I looked like Tonks from Harry Potter movies.

She had some rough moments at the hospital with me and other staff…but called me Tonks throughout, it was a nice connection.

Later today I got to sit down with a very active, clinically manic 10 yo boy with an IQ of 140 who I wanted to invite to the library…but tried to explain to him that his body was acting quicker then his brain…as he comes running full speed towards me, I think for a hug…contact, connection or something!

He told me he should go to the library since I was 0% bad and he liked me 100%. I told him he could dislike me by 1% since I couldn’t take him to the library since his body was not cooperating in a safe way that his brain needs.

He tugged on my sweater sleeves in frustration, I told him they were my wings (since they are oversized on purpose) he gave me a grin and ran down a unit hallway.

Day 331: 365 Grateful, chores!

I am grateful to be able to chores and things around the house. After being laid up sick for 3 day it was great to feel well enough to do simple things: make food, eat, drink, load the dishwasher, do a load of laundry, pick up, make 2 fires in the wood stoves and maintain them, participate on a conference call…starting to feel like myself again!