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Unity Games 2012

A few months ago Mike and I had the pleasure of being invited to Lorien Green’s screening of Going Cardboard: A Board Game Documentary (  Folks at the screening talked very highly of an annual Board Game Gathering called Unity Games.  So we decided to do it!

We paid our preregistration fee of  $12.50 and waited…

Yesterday was the day!!  Mike, Matt Hanson and I left Manchester around 9:00 am to make the trek down to the Hilton in Woburn, MA for a day of the unknown.  We had heard about this event before, but hadn’t been…

Upon arrival we found a great parking spot right out front and made our way to the 3rd floor ballroom.  There were so many games being played, it was great!  The room was made up of rows and rows of tables for gaming with one isle down the middle to get from one end of the room to the other with a Meeting Place smack dab in the middle of the room to start a game…to find people to play with…and just meet up!  Along the edges of the room were tables where individuals could place their piles of games with their names to let the other Unity Gamers borrow games to play through out the day.

Walking in we were a bit overwhelmed but found some friendly faces to play a low key mobster game: Family Business.  This was a fun game to warm up for the day.

I had a great time breaking from group of folks that I knew…finding complete strangers to game with.  I would periodically return to our group and play a game.  Over the course of the 13 hours I played 9 games (4 of which were new to me, 3 I taught to others and 2 everyone at the table knew how to play!)

These included (in play order): Family BusinessPastiche 7 WondersBohnanza, Kingdom Builder, Flash PointCitadels, String Railway (Japan), and Can’t Stop.

Here are a few other pictures from the day:

Overall, it was a wonderful day of gaming and catching up with friends.  I look forward to attending the 19th annual Unity Games in 2013!!