Monthly Archives: July 2014

Day 187: 365 Grateful, humility

My hip flexor muscle has been hurting since practice on Tuesday…but was silly and played through it then and wanted to play tonight. It wasn’t too bad during warm ups…but got worse. But also something not related: I couldn’t catch the disc tonight, very frustrating. With 5 women at the game I decided to sit out the 2nd half…and we came back from 4-8 at half time to win 14-12!! Yay!


Day 183: 365 Grateful, alcohol

Had a good weekend enjoying some alcohol. Friday had friends over and grilled with margaritas and beer. We went to the granite State Brewers Association Summer Brew Fest yesterday and drank some good beer…May have over indulged a bit. Glad we had today to recover!

20140727-211155-76315328.jpg and, I got a duck hat!!

Day 182: 365 Grateful, no worries

I found myself thinking about something a little bit obsessively this afternoon…something that is generally annoying…but also knowing that there is nothing I can do about it and it isn’t up to me…though I may eventually have some input.

Then, I was thinking: this is the thing I am worrying about right now?! I am grateful that this small annoyance is annoying but I don’t have any glaring stressors in my life.