Monthly Archives: September 2014

Day 231: 365 Grateful, hair

Just trying to figure out what to do with it. Should I cut it, should I trim it, should I donate it, should I grow it? HAIR!



Day 228: 365 Grateful, Ortho

I have still been experiencing some pain in my hip, around the hip flexor and groin. I finally went to see the orthopedist. Had an X-ray that showed normal bones and no arthritis (I have a family history of hip degeneration) so I was relieved.

IMG_3976.JPG I’m continuing with PT and taking some extended release anti inflammatories…for a few more weeks, then may have to go for an MRI.

Day 225: 365 Grateful, mindful practice

Today I recognized the peaceful and the frustration of my day. Around 10 am Mr. Taylor and I took a short walk, after an awesome gathering at our house yesterday afternoon with friends.

We discovered autumn, my favorite season:


Later in the day we decided to set up our 2nd glass case in our game/leisure area…and I moved a pane of glass in just a way for it to shatter before our eyes.

I felt terrible initially…but have been working to be mindful about what happened. Neither of us got hurt, it happened, we will be picking up the pieces, visitors will wear shoes in the foreseeable future, no kitties aloud, glass can be replaced.


Go, go mighty vacuum!

Day 224: 365 Grateful, friends and work

Had the chance to travel an hour north for a workshop today…instead of waking up early I was able to stay with a past coworker/friend 15 minutes from the site!

It was great to get up north to see some mountains (it’s been a bit), catch up with Pat and Katrina and learn about the curriculum for Media Power a Youth!