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Day 354: 365 Grateful, snow removal

One of my coworker’s husband was available to shovel our roof (with very reasonable rates)…we were worried about tomorrow’s warm temperature and the possibility of rain. Though nothing probably would have happened…it’s nice to have peace of mind.


Day 286: 365 Grateful, long distance take out

Mike had the grand idea of ordering from Giordano’s before we left Chicago after Thanksgiving. Stuffed pizza is one of his favorites! They were able to 1/2 cook and freeze a pie before our trek home. In the trunk, a friends freezer in PA…cutting it in half to fit in our freezer, did the trick!

Dinner tonight…ham and garlic.


Day 233: 365 Grateful, MC Escher

The Currier Museum of Art has an awesome collection of MC Escher on display through December.

Had a chance to see it, attend a young friends meeting and see Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band at the After Hours!

IMG_4031.JPG selfie with MC Escher’s selfie!