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Day 341: 365 Grateful, safe

Glad to be home after a long snowy Monday…I was feeling like we live in a snow globe. Grateful for Mike’s truck for safe travels. And Grateful for mike clearing snow throughout the day! Happy 7 year SARS!


Day 338: 365 Grateful, a bit more snow

Got a few more inches today (in top of the stuff we got on Tuesday). Glad I was able to take a good hour to buckle down clear the driveway, walkway, deck and wood stack area! Also made a fire and cleaned up the kitchen. Work today, play tomorrow!

Day 129: 365 Grateful, patience

I am grateful to be able to practice patience. Working with the kids today, especially the littler ones…I had to practice for sure.

So many of the kids I work with have an amazingly low threshold for frustration and hearing “no” no matter how it might be said to them. I could not imagine going through life feeling that anxiety and sense of rejection these kids feel.