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Day 336: 365 Grateful, friends sweet friends

Over the past two and a half days New England got some snow. Though not as bad as predicted…but 20+ inches at our house without drifts.

Since I am essential personnel at the hospital I made a conscious effort to be at work…but be safe doing it.

I am grateful to have wonderful friends: Matt & Alexa who let me stay with them and also fed me (much yumminess). I am grateful to have been safe in my travels and the short commute over the past couple days.


Day 323: 365 Grateful, helpful

Friends are moving to town, an hour and a half south to our town…in our old house….just below our old apartment! They had to come down tonight to stay due to running out of propane with 3 days to spare…we were at least able to get the key from our old land lords, turn up the heat and set up an air mattress! Welcome to the neighborhood!

Day 224: 365 Grateful, friends and work

Had the chance to travel an hour north for a workshop today…instead of waking up early I was able to stay with a past coworker/friend 15 minutes from the site!

It was great to get up north to see some mountains (it’s been a bit), catch up with Pat and Katrina and learn about the curriculum for Media Power a Youth!