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Day 333: 365 Grateful, connection

Seems as though I made some nice connections with kids…some discharged and some still with us in the hospital.

I got a nice letter from a 16 yo girl who was discharged today. She had thanked me for my kindness and work with her. Early in her admission she said I should dye my hair purple since I looked like Tonks from Harry Potter movies.

She had some rough moments at the hospital with me and other staff…but called me Tonks throughout, it was a nice connection.

Later today I got to sit down with a very active, clinically manic 10 yo boy with an IQ of 140 who I wanted to invite to the library…but tried to explain to him that his body was acting quicker then his brain…as he comes running full speed towards me, I think for a hug…contact, connection or something!

He told me he should go to the library since I was 0% bad and he liked me 100%. I told him he could dislike me by 1% since I couldn’t take him to the library since his body was not cooperating in a safe way that his brain needs.

He tugged on my sweater sleeves in frustration, I told him they were my wings (since they are oversized on purpose) he gave me a grin and ran down a unit hallway.

Day 129: 365 Grateful, patience

I am grateful to be able to practice patience. Working with the kids today, especially the littler ones…I had to practice for sure.

So many of the kids I work with have an amazingly low threshold for frustration and hearing “no” no matter how it might be said to them. I could not imagine going through life feeling that anxiety and sense of rejection these kids feel.

NH Playmakers!

Late in 2012 I was looking for interesting educational sessions to attend. In my googling, I happened upon the Life is Good Playmakers http://www.lifeisgood.com/playmakers/ it has been a great journey so far. In December I applied to and attended the Basic Playmaker Training in Norwood, MA. The first weekend in December, I played with the playmakers!

It has been an amazing experience to learn the commitment the Playmakers have to spreading joyful play to the adults who provide it to our children!

I also learned of our local New Hampshire Playmaker group and I have had a fabulous time playing, learning new games and volunteering!


This past weekend we volunteered with folks from the Hudson office and beyond to provide play and joy for the NH Foster Care Month Celebration at Spaulding Youth Center.


I am super psyched to have been invited to attend the 2 day School Age Playmaker Certification in June and have applied to volunteer at the Life is Good Festival in September!

Looking forward to continuing my LIG Playmaker journey!