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Day 331: 365 Grateful, chores!

I am grateful to be able to chores and things around the house. After being laid up sick for 3 day it was great to feel well enough to do simple things: make food, eat, drink, load the dishwasher, do a load of laundry, pick up, make 2 fires in the wood stoves and maintain them, participate on a conference call…starting to feel like myself again!

Day 236: 365 Grateful, home for the weekend

Had a long weekend planned home to celebrate our anniversary and stack wood! Had a good time of insidey and outsidey, chores, cooking and pleasure. The strangest thing was we didn’t see or run into anyone we knew for 3 whole days (besides Elwyn)…crazy, love, home.

IMG_4043.JPG Cheers, happy 5 year anniversary.

Day 167: 365 Grateful, flow

Today had quite the flow to the day…it was amazing, got a lot done. Started off with the intention of moving the leftover wood from the winter to the opposite corner of the yard. Before I knew it we pruned bushes, pulled weeds, trimmed rhubarb, bagged it all, cleaned the deck, got rid of yard debris, swept and mopped the living room and bathroom, mowed & weed whacked the lawn, checked in on a friend’s cat, laundry, ate breakfast, lunch and dinner on the deck…phew.

I also have a really cute pepper growing…