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Day 187: 365 Grateful, humility

My hip flexor muscle has been hurting since practice on Tuesday…but was silly and played through it then and wanted to play tonight. It wasn’t too bad during warm ups…but got worse. But also something not related: I couldn’t catch the disc tonight, very frustrating. With 5 women at the game I decided to sit out the 2nd half…and we came back from 4-8 at half time to win 14-12!! Yay!


Day 125: 365 Grateful, photographer

Went to our first frisbee game tonight. Still can’t play due to knee pain, but brought the camera and took pictures. I am also grateful that my pain effects no other areas of my life besides frisbee…

Funny, I have no picture today since the card is still in the DSLR and I need a real computer and not my iDevices to upload them!

Day 113: 365 Grateful, frisbee trial

Since I have been having knee pain I haven’t been going to ultimate frisbee practice. Go Granite State Grass Stains! Go, go, yay!

Today I gave it a go. Running straight forward…fine. Cutting, starting and stopping are questionable. It was nice to see everyone! Didn’t enjoy the cloudy, windy 45 degree weather though!