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Day 187: 365 Grateful, humility

My hip flexor muscle has been hurting since practice on Tuesday…but was silly and played through it then and wanted to play tonight. It wasn’t too bad during warm ups…but got worse. But also something not related: I couldn’t catch the disc tonight, very frustrating. With 5 women at the game I decided to sit out the 2nd half…and we came back from 4-8 at half time to win 14-12!! Yay!


Day 117: 365 Grateful, epic fail

Over the last 2 days Mike and I tried to reinstall fence pieces in our yard that had rotted out. We were curious why it seemed to be a shotty job and not done correctly. We soon found out…the ground is uneven! With digging 2′ down in one hole and running into large rocks in a hole uphill from the rest…created frustration, problem solving, implementation and finally decided on humility and epic fail. Although we feel as though we can do this…the question is…is it worth it? For our time and sanity?


…after we quit, we watched Star Wars…May the 4th be with you!!