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Day 283: 365 Grateful, travels

Grateful for safe travels over 2,000 miles total over this past week. We had the pleasure of visiting with Bob & Mary Taylor for a few days and going through Mike’s memories…getting to see Matt Taylor, Sarah Marie & Tim Lowe. Stopping for dinner and games with Matt Goska & Mos Steph. A great evening and breakfast with Rob & Karyn Kazinski. We are thankful for our awesome friends Meredith & Dave Conaway for looking in on Elwyn (and our power situation). And thanks for the random Sunday night favor Matthew Hanson…glad you are in our lives.

— with Michael Taylor.


Flights to Indy are now available via Southwest

Becca and I were checking out flights today, and have found that Flights to Indy via Southwest are now available for the time around our wedding (example – flights from Manchester NH to Indianapolis IN for $69 one way). the airport code is IND

If you will be flying in, and you would prefer not to rent a car, possibly because you are planning on staying in a cabin at Bradford Woods for example, please let us know as we may be able to arrange for a shuttle/pick up from the airport to Bradford Woods, and back again afterwards. But in order to do this, you need to let us know.

Additionally, if you are even remotely thinking about staying at the Woods instead of one of the greater Martinsville areas finest hotels, let us know now so we can make sure that there are cabins available for you to stay in.

In any case, whether you book flights now or later, or are driving, or hoofing it, please let us know how you plan to arrive just because we are interested.