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Day 152: 365 Grateful, breathe and be present

Tonight the Life is Good Playmakers community booster guided me in practicing mindfulness.

My wonderful, lovely new takeaway moment was about breath.

Memories of the past swirl around in my brain as well as preparing for the near and distant future.

I was reminded (but never thought of it this way) that the one thing that can ground me to the present is my breath. It is happening NOW…this moment…always…in and out…as it has been, as it is, and always will be. Ahhhh


Day 22: 365 Grateful, Life is Good Playmakers

I am grateful for happening upon the Life is Good Playmakers. I began my Playmaker journey in December 2012 by stumbling across their website when looking for CEU opportunities. I am so thankful I did!

It is a continuous opportunity to practice my playfulness both at work and in my leisure. Becoming a Playmaker fits so well with who I am, what I believe, what I practice and who I want to be!

I am grateful to the New Hampshire group for their ongoing commitment to hold local, monthly boosters to gather and PLAY! I had blast tonight.


NH Playmakers!

Late in 2012 I was looking for interesting educational sessions to attend. In my googling, I happened upon the Life is Good Playmakers http://www.lifeisgood.com/playmakers/ it has been a great journey so far. In December I applied to and attended the Basic Playmaker Training in Norwood, MA. The first weekend in December, I played with the playmakers!

It has been an amazing experience to learn the commitment the Playmakers have to spreading joyful play to the adults who provide it to our children!

I also learned of our local New Hampshire Playmaker group and I have had a fabulous time playing, learning new games and volunteering!


This past weekend we volunteered with folks from the Hudson office and beyond to provide play and joy for the NH Foster Care Month Celebration at Spaulding Youth Center.


I am super psyched to have been invited to attend the 2 day School Age Playmaker Certification in June and have applied to volunteer at the Life is Good Festival in September!

Looking forward to continuing my LIG Playmaker journey!