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Watch our Wedding at Work!

Remember October 3rd?  Remember how great it was?  Remember the smiles on the faces?  No?  Well, thats ok, because thanks to modern technology, you can relive it as if you were there all over again.  Act now, and for a limited time only you too can watch it in HD!

Part 1 (Click here for HD version)

Part 2 (Click here for HD version)

A Quick Favor to Ask

If in the off chance you read this before sending your reply cards, Becca and I have been receiving them from folk and are definitely getting more excited over it. However, in a couple cases, people are sending them back without writing who they are. It has only been people who will not be able to make it, but unfortunately we don’t have any other way to track it.

So, the favor is that we ask that if you could write your name in the card whether you are attending or not, it would be great for us.


Invitations are out, Replies are coming in

Late last week Becca and I sent out most of the invitations to our wedding, and the reply cards are starting to come back in.  First thing you may have noted upon recieving yours is that they are not quite the typical traditional wedding invitation.  What you may not have noted is that the one that you recieved is the only one of its kind, with only its reply card (included) to match it.

We’re getting closer to the date, and with the cards coming back to us, its very exciting and we are starting to finalize things officially (which is a strange sentence to say).  Come back soon for more updates.

Flights to Indy are now available via Southwest

Becca and I were checking out flights today, and have found that Flights to Indy via Southwest are now available for the time around our wedding (example – flights from Manchester NH to Indianapolis IN for $69 one way). the airport code is IND

If you will be flying in, and you would prefer not to rent a car, possibly because you are planning on staying in a cabin at Bradford Woods for example, please let us know as we may be able to arrange for a shuttle/pick up from the airport to Bradford Woods, and back again afterwards. But in order to do this, you need to let us know.

Additionally, if you are even remotely thinking about staying at the Woods instead of one of the greater Martinsville areas finest hotels, let us know now so we can make sure that there are cabins available for you to stay in.

In any case, whether you book flights now or later, or are driving, or hoofing it, please let us know how you plan to arrive just because we are interested.

More ways to track us.

Here it is, just over 5 months to the big day and we are still planning away. We are plugging away at getting the important things taken care of, including having a date, a location, a person to marry us, and a photographer (more on that one later).  We are still working on getting a registry put together, as well as floral “arrangements” and alcohol (which is surprisingly proving to be one of the hardest bits of it all even though we know exactly what we want for this one).  Lodging for the event is to be had in part at the Woods (contact us if you are interested – seriously, if you don’t then you will not be able to stay there) as well as several hotels in the area, varying in distance from BW.  Stay tuned as we do really intend on keeping this space up to date on it.

In more recent days, as in sometime last week, we created a Facebook group for folks to interact with since many people we know who in turn we intend to invite are also on Facebook.  If you are on Facebook, and/or are now interested in joining after reading this amazingly in-depth posting, you can join our wedding group at (maybe…it may be a secret group so the direct link may or may not work for you if you were not invited originally.  if thats the case, please let us know).

Thats what we got right now.  In other news, after 6 months of unemployment, I have a new job at the Concord Family YMCA as the After School and Camping Programs Director, which is a good thing, cause we have a wedding to pay for!

We’re getting serious now.

Well, maybe not fully, but the ball is starting to roll.  we massively changed the layout of things as the way it was before made it difficult to quickly find information that you may actually have an interest in.  Don’t be fool by the new layout and titles to sections at the top, as there is still just as much info to be shared with the new layout as there was before, meaning there is still plenty of blanks for us to fill in.  But, as we find things out, then we can share it with you more easily.  Enjoy.

Adventure Racing

Beccas parents are in town visiting right now, currently watching the “edited so far” edition of the engagement video (currently at around longer than it needs to be) entailing everything before, during, and after the “race”, including her reaction to finding out that both Jaime and Jeremy are in town specifically for her. It’s fun stuff, and I really enjoy the video, but I’ve seen it a few times, so I am ok for the moment, but it did remind me of when we would do adventure races back at Bradford Woods.

During the Fall 2002 season, Jeremy, Nate and I found a couple of BMX bikes that we decided to try to ride on all the trails really fast. After trying to take the bikes on a particularly hilly and full of trees trail, we elected to not continue because we liked our bodies in tact (for the day), but we started thinking of how cool it’d be to race around the property on BMX bikes and doing other stuff too. then we remembered that we almost died, and thought that perhaps mountain bikes may be a better choice. And what if we incorporated climbing into the mix? and what about boating? Archery? why not? And over the course of the next two weeks, Jeremy and I started to piece it all together, and put together what we thought would be the ultimately awesomest home brewed adventure race ever.

If you are familiar with Bradford Woods, or have access to a property map, The race started at the gatehouse near the entrance to the Woods off 67 with a biking leg that went from the entrance along the road up Memorial trail, onto ACA trail, down Sasafrass trail, back along Tipple Trail, and then following the road into Observatory field ending at the climbing tower. the second leg was to race up and back down the climbing tower. Once off the tower, the third leg began, which was running. The runners would run from the climbing tower up the road/trail to Agape Lodge, across the bridge and back along village trail to the archery range, where the racer needed to then shoot and hit four different targets each at different distances. Once the archer actually hit each target, they could then begin the next leg, which was another running portion, following village trail past the amphitheater and down switchback trail to the beach. Once at the beach, they needed to follow an orienteering course to find their paddles, which they would need for the next leg which was canoing. With paddle in hand, the teams needed to race from the beach to towaki beach and back, making sure to pick up their teams bandanna.

When all was said and done, it was a blast of a time. we had 5 different teams competing, including “Team Petr” which was a one person team (all other teams were 4-5 people each). Teams were randomly drawn out of a hat, and somehow my team randomly consisted of myself, Jeremy, Kari, and Rose who became “Team Apple Pie”, and then proceeded to win the race. Needless to say, everyone thought it to be a fix. But we won, and thats more important than fair play, even though we did.

We tried to run another adventure race the following spring, using the same formula, just rearranging the course, so it started with a sprint across the dam followed by climbing then biking, but the race ended early, first because of hail, then eminent threat of tornadoes, though there wasn’t any. We called the race right around the fire building portion (a new element) and headed back to Griffith house to drink and wait out the storm.

Late this September Becca and I will be meeting up with Jeremy in Portland, Oregon to compete in an adventure race with him against the rest of his family. It will require all of my strength and might to overcome the challenges that lay ahead, as well as the need for an iron stomach. The only thing at this point keeping us back is that we still need a team name. It will be amazing.