Updates coming soon

Ok, so with camp in session, I have been a bit busy, and neither of us have really had a chance to really make any concrete decisions.  I’ve had a lot of amazing ideas of things that can be done, but most of them go against the grain of traditional ideas, so they will most likely be thrown out.

That being said, camp is coming to a close, and Becca and I will actually have time to talk and figure some things out.  Additionally, Becca has been editing our engagement video, and we will have that posted here in time.

In the meantime, heres an awesome picture of me:


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  1. Thats one hell of a photo. It looks like you produced a grenade from your beehive and tossed it over one shoulder, regardless of the consequences. And the consequences were AWESOME.


  2. Walking away from an explosion is totally badass. Wolverine does it all the time. He never gives the explosion the satisfaction of looking back at it. He’s like, “Pffft… I’ve seen more dangerous things in my sideburns”.

  3. I have never seen a Taylor male with that much hair on his head! Looking foreward to more updates.

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