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Day 139: 365 Grateful, ice cream!

And we have an ice cream truck in our neighborhood (we did at the Walnut Street Apartment too…it just seemed shady there)! And, people are actually buying ice cream…right in front of our house!!



Day 131: 365 Grateful, neighborhood

This past weekend a lady neighbor stopped to invite me (just the ladies) to a gathering at her house tonight. Went and had a great time! There were 7 of us there and the conversation flowed easily. We talked about how long everyone had lived in their house, landscaping, real-estate in the area, neighbors, renovation, others children. It was a great evening of getting to know everyone!!

Day 74: 365 Grateful, walks outside

I am grateful to be able to take walks outside in my neighborhood to clear my mind, focus on nothing or something and get some exercise. It was finally close to 50 degrees today (finally). Mike had planned a game day at Dyn, Dad had just gotten back from FL was tired…and I just needed to move!! It’s also supposed to cool down again (teens tonight) so glad I took advantage of the weather!