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Day 258: 365 Grateful, run

I want to like running, I want to do running. My body won’t let me. Last Fall I was on a role doing a 5K consistently. Had a good summer playing Ultimate until the last couple of weeks of the season (beginning of August) and tendinitis has been lingering in my right hip flexor since then. It’s still lingering after Ortho and 2+ months of PT. I have been given the go ahead to try it out. Now if the daylight and weather will cooperate, I am golden!

IMG_4123.JPG Cheering at Manchester City Marathon 2014 brrrr and windy!


Day 228: 365 Grateful, Ortho

I have still been experiencing some pain in my hip, around the hip flexor and groin. I finally went to see the orthopedist. Had an X-ray that showed normal bones and no arthritis (I have a family history of hip degeneration) so I was relieved.

IMG_3976.JPG I’m continuing with PT and taking some extended release anti inflammatories…for a few more weeks, then may have to go for an MRI.