So here we go.

On February 2nd, 2008 at approximately 10:08 pm, something pretty awesome happened. But before that, something started about 13 hours prior. But that took about two months to prepare for that. And there was about 4 and 3/4ths years of stuff that led up to that moment. But we’ll get to all that in due time. Let’s talk about now.

On February 2nd, 2008, Becca and I officially got engaged, which is where this has come from. Rather than just posting stuff on websites like “”, we decided that we wanted to try to keep tabs on its happenings from that moment on, leading up to the eventual wedding, and also filling you in on everything that led up to this point. And other stuff too. Even though we were very quick to think that something like this web page/web blog is what we wanted to do, it still took us almost 2 weeks to start it, because we wanted to find a good name for it that wasn’t full of cheese and love like “” or “” or “” or “”. Ideally, this will be full of info on us, what we are doing, what is going on with plans for a wedding, and other things as they come up.

So, welcome. Please come back often, and comment regularly. There will be video and pictures up soon. amongst other things.


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  1. i was there right but reading this still got me misty…seriously! I love this site – the name is perfect! Look forward to seeing more! love ya guys!

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