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Day 116: 365 Grateful, food coop initiative

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of volunteering with the Manchester Food Coop initiative. As of today we have 923 members…so close to our 1,000 member goal to get this going!! Had a good time volunteering at the Stonyfield 5K.

20140503-222806.jpg So grateful to have grown up with the Willimantic Food Coop ! Looking forward to getting a coop going in my community!! It has been a wonderful inspiration.

DIY: I made a shirt (smaller!)

Back in April I got a Manchester Food Coop tshirt by representing MFC in the Stonyfield Farm 5K.

Pre-5K with Gert the Stonyfield Cow and Manchester Food Co-op!

Pre-5K with Gert the Stonyfield Cow and Manchester Food Co-op!

Today I volunteered at the NH for the Holidays Expo at the Radisson to recruit new Owner Members for the Coop.



Yesterday I decided I didn’t want to wear an oversized tshirt to the Expo (but totally wanted to wear the Pea Costume). I didn’t want to turn this awesome Manchester Food Coop tshirt into another night shirt!

Here’s what I did:

(please pay no attention to the laundry in the background of these photos)

photo 2 (Modified)

After! (Becca sized) front

photo 1 (Modified)


After! (Becca sized) side view

After! (Becca sized) side view

How to do what I did: http://diyfashion.about.com/od/diytops/ss/TshirtTank.htm

I am very happy with the final result!!

Go fun shirts and Food Coops!


We are in need of more Owner-Members to get our physical store! Pass the word along!

For more information about the Manchester Food Coop and how to become a member please go to: manchesterfoodcoop.coop