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Day 313: 365 Grateful, 6 years

I have been without my mom for 6 years, today. I miss her a lot. I know she would have been proud of me.

I miss her hugs and letting me lay on her lap.

The anniversary of her death has been hard. I am sad to think the longer she has been gone, the more the memories fade.

I am grateful for her having a huge impact of the woman I am today.


Day 309: 365 Grateful, grief

I’m already dreading Friday…6 years to the day and the first same day of the week my mom died by suicide.

I may always ask why, but I have come to know she was in pain from arthritis and depression. Her brother and mom both died by suicide I imagine by more complicated mental health conditions. I don’t blame her…but I miss her so much. I am glad she isn’t in pain.

I’m grateful she was my mother and I am often reminded about what a great legacy she left.



Day 236: 365 Grateful, home for the weekend

Had a long weekend planned home to celebrate our anniversary and stack wood! Had a good time of insidey and outsidey, chores, cooking and pleasure. The strangest thing was we didn’t see or run into anyone we knew for 3 whole days (besides Elwyn)…crazy, love, home.

IMG_4043.JPG Cheers, happy 5 year anniversary.