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Day 365: 365 Grateful, end. 

I had such a hard time knowing when to post my last post!

It has been a great exercise on finding 365 things to be grateful for over 1.25ish years!

Found this yesterday when thinking about my mom and how it would have been her birthday:


Day 126: 365 Grateful, birthday again!

Had the wonderful invitation to go out with my local girlfriends to the restaurant of my choice. Tried Campo Enoteca, a new restaurant in downtown Manchester, NH for my girls night out birthday.

Enjoyed it! Good apps and food.

Our server wasn’t the smoothest or had much tact when we asked questions and he tried explaining things he didn’t know. Was a bit pricy for a typical night out, but seemed ok for a special occasion.

I am grateful for their friendship and generosity during my birthday month!!
(Oops, we didn’t take a picture!)

Day 120: 365 Grateful, birthdaying

Today we celebrated Bryan’s 40th birthday (with a 34 minute party for me).

It was a good time: brisket, pulled pork and lamb (thanks Matt!) with tons of sides, hanging outside catching up while wearing mustaches, ate cupcakes, apple crisp and homemade ice cream, Bruins win, fireworks in the back yard and board games!