Me? Blogging?

Have – you – met – Mike?  Well, as most of you know Mike is an avid blogger, tweeter, and follower of many things.  He has suggested that I take our old wedding website and create a blog of my own.  I have thought about this over the past few months and wasn’t sure how much I had to share and if I really wanted to spend more time on the computer then I already do.

With that, I would love to start recording some fun things I am doing and projects/endeavors I am working on.  So why not start blogging?  I don’t imagine that I will be a frequent participant in sharing here…but I guess it is hard to tell at this moment.  Lets see what happens!

And – Go.


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  1. Cool. Welcome to blogging. I’m looking forward to keeping up a little better. We really miss our NH/New England friends!! Also, didn’t know Mike had a blog as well. (only the photo one we were both doing for awhile there) Pass that along, too?

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