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Day 364: 365 Grateful, in the zone

Super busy helping with the conference. Barely anytime to think or internal monologue…strange…just doing! Good busy, just hope to get enough sleep with the “spring ahead tonight”!

Went to the grocery store at 10:30pm…the time to shop!


Day 104: 365 Grateful, spring cleanup

Today I had a chance to do some spring cleanup. It wasn’t especially warm…but the sun was out. Raked the areas where the snow mold attacked the yard (looking much better). Then decided to clean up the flower beds…imposter young trees, ew. Then played tug of war with the vine/trees that have climbed 20+ feet up into our pine trees. I was able to pull some down…not all, I snipped them at the bottom…ha! Totally in the zone in yard work.