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Happy New Year 2014. Day 1: 365 Grateful

2013 was a great year! Everything stayed relatively calm in our world. Buying and settling into our home took up much our energy, but has been amazing!

I would like to take time this year to be kind to myself, practice being grateful and learn more about mindfulness.

I found two interesting tools that I would like to try to meet these goals:

The first is setting and reviewing goals based in the lunar cycle. The moon is also something that reminds me of my mom.
New and Full Moon Rhythm

The second is really taking time to notice the world that surrounds me, be present and identify things I am grateful for.

Upworthy: 365 Grateful


Here’s my first picture. I took it even before I learned about the 365 Grateful project, so I thought it would be fitting to share for today:

Day #1: I am grateful for sunsets. How they can be beautiful and I am reminded that no matter what happens today, I can start new tomorrow!