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Day 273: 365 Grateful, random reunion

My friend Sarah had a business dinner here in Manchester, NH with the oldest son in a family I grew up with, the Galinats! Had a nice time catching up for an hour with Artie this evening!!

IMG_4163.JPG the Ashford connection.


Day 71: 365 Grateful, Girl Scouts

I am grateful for my 12 years as a Girl Scout in troop 5087 of Ashford, CT. I have been thinking a lot about my my mom recently, she was a huge part of that experience. It was an awkward time growing up, finding ourselves as adolescents and teens…but it has been wonderful to catch up as adults as well, pretty amazing!


Day 50: 365 Grateful, longtime friends

Had a good long conversation with a friend I have had for about 30 years! We grew up together, were in many of the same classes growing up and have lived in different areas since. Though we don’t talk as frequently as we would like, we fall right into conversation when we are able to catch up. I love that! Thanks Ruth!