The Living Room Snails!

So, last summer we visited two of Mike’s good friends Steph and Matt who live in Schaumburg, IL. They had snails in their bathroom (who live there, who are supposed to be there). Now, I think this is the coolest thing…snails and moss in a glass container…and a grow lamp, in the bathroom!

Ok, this might sound strange to most folks…but how cool is that?

We went back to Chicagoland for Thanksgiving to visit Mike’s family and made a stop up to Schaumburg to visit Matt and Steph.  And again the snails were there!!

Steph decided to give me some snails to migrate back to NH with me…now was the dilemma of how to transport them on a plane.

She put them in two small ziplock bags alternating…in a plastic teeth mold case.  But, it began to leak…plan B.  Mike’s mom had a 1/2 cup tupperware container.  Then I got scared! 1/2 cup = 4 oz!  One oz above the approved volume for the TSA!!  I had to make a snail life and death decision…do I carry them on and risk the possibility my snails may be taken OR do I risk the journey to checked luggage?  I decided upon the latter. Mike’s mom found a small cooler back to assist in insulating the snail tupperware.

The snails have lived with us for about 3 weeks and are doing well.  There were initially 1 large snail and at least 2 small snails…they have multiplied!!  I was going to make them my bathroom snails too…but I don’t have an outlet near the place I would like them to live so right now they are living room snails.

Here are a few pictures from this past weekend (don’t worry I recently gave them more water):

Becca's living room snails

Baby Snails

Baby snails!

Big snail and baby snail together...aww


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