Is it time yet? Time for what…

…planning a wedding!!!

So, in our first stages of planning, we have been going back and forth on WHEN DO WE WANT OUR WEDDING TO BE??? Do we want a 3 day weekend to be more convenient so people can travel and not have to take a day off…or would we want to do a regular 2 day weekend when the airfares and travel are typically cheaper but most likely have to take a day off…ugh, so many things to ponder and this is just the beginning!!! We decided we would really like to have a wedding at Bradford Woods in the fall. It really is very beautiful with the foliage, temperature and there are much less bugs! Looking at Labor Day weekend, it would still be way too hot, and looking at Columbus Day weekend that would be Mike’s birthday…so we said no. So we decided to tentatively book the weekend of October 3, 2009 for our gathering (yes, a 2 day weekend). Hip hip hooray!! So we will see how far we get with that date until everything falls apart…but we are hoping to keep it for the time being.

With that, we also hope that friends and family would join us for the weekend, we are planning to have lots of fun things to do and to celebrate!!! We would like to make some options available to stay at Bradford Woods ranging from the

Manor House:

, , , ,

to the Agape Lodge:

, ,

to Cabins:

and even to Tents (if that is your type of thing). Each have a different price per person per night…which we can get back to you on if you would be interested in staying.  Every option would be very close to everything that is going on and have electricity, showers, bathrooms, beds, good company etc.  Sorry tvs are not included!

We like to get a count of who may be interested in staying where so we can reserve those lodging options. There are also hotels in the area…but we plan on leaving that up to you if you go that route. So please let us know what you are planning to do so we can reserve things accordingly.

So let us know what you think overall. We would love feedback and where you would be interested in staying if you will be staying!!! We are thinking we will have lodging available in the Manor House on Friday and Saturday and in Agape/Cabins/Tents only on Saturday…but let us know!!!


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  1. Hey congrats! For some reason, I missed the whole engagement thing. Mary knew. Go figure?? Mary and I will definitely be there, but will most likely stay at Connie’s house. So, will the wedding also be time for a massive game of HUH or Quack, or ball in the crotch? Imagine that, Quack in formal attire! How sweet! A

  2. Can I tent at the boy scout flats? Or maybe inside Activity? Or better yet, inside the Carr Center with the big projector? Sleeping bag room in Griffith Hall? With the Chuds under Wolf House?

  3. So happy for you two! Of course if you need any help with any planning I am game since I’m already in IN! I know we are close but it would be fun to stay at the Woods again (only if we can play Clue in the Manor again!) Keep us posted on what is to come!

  4. Congratulations you guys! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I saw my cousin Mike! And I don’t think I’ve ever met Becca! Can’t wait to see you again / meet you!

  5. if you’re looking for comments regarding overnight accomodations, Agape or a cabin would be cool. Nate, you better believe there will be a game of HUH! The people here won’t play it my way, BW is better. I don’t believe in variations in such important things……
    can’t wait for the big weekend!!!!

  6. Hey guys! I vote for Clue at the Manor too! 🙂 I am thrilled for you guys and let me know if there’s anything I can do to help– even if it’s just as a cheerleader from halfway round the world. 😉

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