Planning? You mean we have to start planning?

So at this time we do not have a date, location, or really much of anything planned.  We do have some ideas of when, where, and what we would like.  Stay tuned for updates as we actually begin to have some sort of clue of what we are doing…suggestions are welcome!!

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  1. Congratulations Becca and Mike! So happy for you both… you know the Philippines is a nice tropical country you guys can go for your honeymoon (hint hint). 🙂

  2. my suggestion is to make out with a bunch of fowl and come down with the bird flu, then your adventure will come full circle.

  3. Hey guys…not sure if you already knew this, but Binghamton is the “Carousel Capital of the World.” Rob and I vision something at home plate of the Binghamton Mets stadium and then Old Country Buffet for a reception. Then, if that wasn’t enough fun, EVERY guest could ride a carousel. Just think about the amazing pictures that would come out of this. OH, and by the way, I know a pastor….

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