Day 182: 365 Grateful, no worries

I found myself thinking about something a little bit obsessively this afternoon…something that is generally annoying…but also knowing that there is nothing I can do about it and it isn’t up to me…though I may eventually have some input.

Then, I was thinking: this is the thing I am worrying about right now?! I am grateful that this small annoyance is annoying but I don’t have any glaring stressors in my life.

Day 177: 365 Grateful, dinner out

Not on vacation, not for an anniversary or special occasion, just because…ok being Friday night helps! Tried a new restaurant, Cask & Vine in Derry. Food was good, ok selection of draft beer…annoyed to be charged for a taste prior to ordering a full pour…although they were 4 oz pours do can’t complain too much.

Good night, good beer and had a couple from our own collection at home after!!